Published on: Jul 31 2017 at 07:32 pm | Nnamdi [ 826 ]

Nigerians on social media, particularly on Twitter,
have reacted to Cable News Network (CNN)’s
trolling of President Muhammadu Buhari for leaving
the country on medical vacation for over 85 days.

Fareed Zakaria of CNN had on Sunday quizzed
president’s absence from the country when he
asked: “The head of state of which country has not
set foot in his homeland in over two months.”
Nigeria was listed among the options as option C,
while Saudi arabia, Cuba and Syria were on the list.

Below are some of the reactions of Nigerians:
Lere Olayinka @OlayinkaLere: “So sad, Nigeria now
a joke even on CNN.

Buhari Media Centre guys can
@Laurestar and others can start abusing CNN too.”
Adeyanju Deji @adeyanjudeji: “Washington Post
joins CNN to Mock Nigeria, says Buhari has been
gone for months on medical tourism; Calls the
president a liar.”

Babasola Kuti @SKSolaKuti: “Everything APC &
Buhari wished Nigeria to be under GEJ, IT IS…but
under their watch; Pariah state; laughing stock:
failed nation.”

BILLION @BillionTwiTs: “When you see all the
money our governors are wasting to pay homage
to Buhari in London but no salaries to pay

Chidi Odinkalu @ChidiOdinkalu: “The prolonged
absence of #Nigeria’s@MBuhari is attracting high
profile int’l attention from @washingtonpost today
Babasola Kuti @SKSolaKuti: “1. Imagine a Buhari
supporter calling people who are going through a
hard time lazy & used to free money. Is that not
the Grandpa of irony?
Adetutu Balogun @Tutsy22: “Buhari is now a
global joke.”

Oke Umurhohwo @stalyf: “International
embarrassment all because of Buhari. SHAME”
Tunji Lardner @TunjiLardner: “Just watching an ad
on CNN for. The ‘Every
Child Counts’ Is this a joke? Is this in a parallel
universe? Please help?”

Gboyega Adeoya @gboyega_adeoya: “CNN will
project the propaganda to an audience who don’t
know wassup ouchea. The same way the APC sold
d Buhari brand in UK…”

Skywalker @irosky007: “When #Trumpheard in
#Nigeria #Buhari has done 2yrs without a single
achievement yet @CNNwon’t allow him to rest.”
Friday okwudiri @anyaegbufo:

“The veiled
admission of CNN over Buhari’s unfitness to
govern should be a reminder to all who court the
West for regime change in Africa.”

Idongesit Uyo @IdongesitUyo: “Buhari is in his
retirement home at London…
Tell CNN that.”
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