Published on: Aug 01 2017 at 08:57 am | Nnamdi [ 1141 ]

A militant group in the Niger Delta, Adaka Boro
Avengers (ABA), has vowed to make good its
earlier threat to declare a republic in the Niger
Delta on October 1 as the group announced it
would fight alongside the Biafra to actualise their

Daily Sun reported that this was made public in a
statement by Spokesperson of the group, Edmos
Ayayeibo who said there was no going back as the
Nigerian state had ‘lost its unity’.

“The October 1 declaration of a republic in the
Niger Delta is sacrosanct because Nigeria has lost
its unity. To save lives on both sides, the Nigerian
government should maintain peace, compose
themselves or face total war.”

“Why would the Arewa youths and some
northerners called for re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu
knowing what the implications would be. That is
not possible and the Nigerian government will never
dare it again.

“We the Avengers have always carried out our

When we said we would crumble the
economy, we did it. And now we are asking all
northerners and westerners to leave the Niger Delta
region for their own good.

This is not 2016 and
now we have more arsenals, more powerful than
the Nigerian government.”

“We are also using this medium to call on all the
multinational corporations to leave the region in
their own interests and peace; because their
continued stay in the region has not done any good
to the people of the Niger Delta.

Also to the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),
kindly withdraw your oil survey teams and your
technical workers from our communities, while the
tension in the region is boiling up.

“Failure to adhere to these warnings, we shall leave
no stone unturned.

Because all Avengers groups in
the region are united now and our new focus is on
any multinational corporations and any NNPC
infrastructures, especially the pipelines and NNPC
filling stations across the country.”

The group also called on Pan-Niger Delta Forum
(PANDEF) to stay away from all matters of the
Niger Delta.

“The Federal Government does not recognise you
people; and we will no longer listen to you. We
thank you for your efforts, especially to Papa E. K.
Clark, King Alfred Diete-Spiff and Victor Attah.

“This is because we have seen Nigeria as a failed
state. We, Niger Deltans respect you people; save
your energy; we will need you people in our country.

To the Federal Government of Nigeria don’t try to
fight us, because it is totally a missile and
chemical war. We have joined hands with Biafra
and other foreigners.”
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