Published on: Aug 01 2017 at 06:06 am | Nnamdi [ 1470 ]

Nollywood Ghanaian actress, Christabel Ekeh who
broke the internet some weeks ago with her nude
images has been reportedly arrested.

It was gathered that the actress was taken into
custody by Ghanaian police in order to tighten up
indecent exposure laws in the country,

“Christabel Ekeh is currently under interrogations
for releasing her shoddy naked pictures on social

“We are following up on the matter and will
communicate back to our patrons accordingly,” wrote.

The 26-year-old page on instagram has however,
been taken down after she received many
criticisms for her nude photos which she defended
was intentional to reveal her new self.

Meanwhile, Ekeh’s mother and siblings defended
her nude photos, saying her daughter was very
decent girl and that sometimes the nature of her
work as an actress and model makes her go
unclad for some promotional campaigns.
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